Experts at your fingertips

Our TOP CLASS stable of composers and artists, many of whom are award winners, can provide music for your project in ANY STYLE including full symphonic orchestra. With over 40 years of personal music production experience at his fingertips Len can make your vision come to life WHATEVER IT IS. Below are just a few samples of the vast array of works that are in our arsenal. Music Supervision is also an expertise that we provide, including creation of soundalikes to avoid huge synchronisation licensing fees.

"I'll stay here alone'

Eddie McGrogan deserved to be a huge star but the labels missed out. Enjoy this classic performance.

Theme from "Our World, Their World"

Title theme from a wildlife TV show.

The Legend

Produced and mixed by Len

Odi Et Amo

The amazingly talented Ugis Praulins created this masterpiece for the Riga Dome Boys Choir. He is one of Latvia's foremost composers, holding the position of head of the composers society in previous years. His mastery of symphonic scoring is undeniable.

Total Destruction

Created by Len for a wrestling entrance theme.

West Coastin' / Hawx

Wrestling entrance themes created by Tom Davies