SMH History

We were one of the first to create daytime TV programming in 4K back in early 2013. Len Davies became an authority on 4K production at the time writing in several magazines about the future of 4K and beyond.



Spectrum Multimedia Started in 2001 in London, UK and soon established itself as a company of quality and dedication, providing services for companies  such as Disney, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery UK and many more. For Delta Music and other DVD Companies we produced, remastered and authored in excess of 1,000 DVD's, including the production of music replacement for the 2004 release of the TV series "Lovejoy" starring Ian McShane, in the UK, the US and Australia.

We produced over 150 hours of British wrestling programming, 72 of which were broadcast on Sky TV, Post - produced commentary on 87 episodes of classic TKO MMA, and 100 episodes of CMLL Lucha Libre programming, and created an original documentary on the rise of MMA Fighter Georges St. Pierre. We also created 72 episodes of "International Armwrestling" for Eurosport.

In 2008 we filmed and post produced the World Premiere Barry Gray Centenary Concert held at The Royal Festival Hall in London, featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra, Vocal group Voces8 and many guest artists. Over the past 5 years we've specialised in 4K production and have created over 100 episodes of daytime TV and been involved with many other varying projects. With our new Spanish partners we're inviting International investment into the productions with several original major drama projects amongst many others.

We are experts in producing and directing Professional Wrestling programming following our history with RQW, TNA, WAW and a SCORE of other professional companies in the USA and Europe. We originated the TV programming of Hard Knocks Fighting back in 2012 from what was originally just tapings of the show with no format.

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