This young businessman founded STAR ELITE, which works together with Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood. With leadership, extensive company management skills and production vision Star Elite has occupied a great spot providing excellent shows to TV and Venues. He started in the tv business at the really young age of 19 in 2009 with a very ambitious project. Taking the wrestling company RQW, from the United Kingdom, to the next level. His leadership and production vision at a very young age made him Executive Producer  of one of the most important companies in British Wrestling, managing stars that today are in the largest wrestling companies in the world.

After a successful journey with RQW he decided to go on his own and founded Star Elite Producciones in Madrid, being the owner and the principal executive producer of the company. With Star Elite Producciones he has made himself renowned in the national theatre with the revelation theatre play ‘EL SECUESTRO’,  which broke ticket sale  records from the first show and for many months. The production for children ‘LA RATITA PRESUMIDA’ gave Amit the opportunity to bring Madrid and Spanish children very close to culture with huge respect for them and their parents.

Star Elite and Amit have joined forces with WAW WRESTLING, as seen in MUSTARD TV, as executive producer and head of production of the company. taking British wrestling back to TV.

His leadership, huge skills with TV negotiations, production knowledge, close work with employees, and great relations with affiliate partners/clients made Star Elite a name that's respected in many countries for the quality of service and programming that they provide. His partnership with Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood has already produced huge strides and we look forward to the future with pride.