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Starring Kurt Angle as LAPD Sgt. Gabe Mandell, Emergency:LA honors the first responders, featuring the scripted day to day adventures of LAPD, LA City Fire Station 77 and medical center Trauma One. Season One features 13 one hour episodes

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Trauma One

Trauma One is a spin-off from Emergency:LA featuring the characters from the medical center and their continuous battle to heal

the City of Angels.

Starring Richard Hench, Hayley J Williams, Deepak Verma, Alana J Webster, Christopher Lee Page, Francis Chen, Megan Renne Kim, Sarah Maddocks, Amy Kinder, Angelique Berry, Greta Garland and A.J. Ruiz.

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Real Quality Wrestling

RQW began in 2005 in the UK and quickly established itself with production values that would go on to become the standard in later years, and attract the WWE to the owner Len Davies. With a large archive of programming featuring wrestlers who are now household names Worldwide, and with new programming on the horizon, RQW is set to raise the professional wrestling bar even higher.


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