Our productions feature either Union or Non-Union crews depending on the budget and ultimate distribution of the project. We are very proud to have 'A' list members working on our projects, including several award winners and nominees. We are a 'One Stop Shop' capable of providing everything you could possibly require to take the pressure off and make your production the success it deserves to be.

Original projects currently in development.

Several of our creations are currently at various levels of production and development. 

GALLERY - Spirit 7

Spectrum Multimedia Hollywood were commissioned to create this teaser of an original Sacha Puyssegur creation intended for several seasons. A non-union shoot on a low budget put together in 6 days and shot in one. Final edit delivered 10 days later fully color graded.

Hollywood Makeover

2 seasons of 13 x 26 episodes have been broadcast around the World with a third season being commissioned. Host Alana Webster with a long list of expert guests reveal how to get a Hollywood look on a NON-Hollywood budget. Available in 4k and HD.

Fitness California Style

13 x 26 minute episodes of pure fitness advice from your host Ian Lauer. Available in 4K and HD

Chef Extraordinaire

Pieps Chef Extraordinaire invites his celebrity international chefs to share their secrets with you, and Pieps contributes in his own unique way.